Sunny, Snowy Scotland

PicMonkey Collage

Scottish weather is a complete mystery. Sun can’t be guaranteed in summer and snow can’t be guaranteed in winter; you just never know what it’s going to be like outside. Deciding what to wear when heading out can be problematic – we can’t always rely on the weather forecast.

Yesterday, the weather forecast said it was to be dry and sunny, so I jumped on the chance of a drive to Arrochar for a small hill walk. When I got there, it was pissing down. Typical.
(Tip for walking in Scotland: Always bring waterproofs!)
Thankfully, it dried up later on and it ended up being perfect walking weather!

2016-02-10 14.43.30

Speaking of being prepared for the weather, in January, I was not prepared for the snow. Luckily, it only lasted for 2 days (thank GOD) and on one of the days, I enjoyed a stroll in Balloch Park, watching everyone sledging while everyone pelted each other with snowballs.


The vlog from both of these days will be linked at the end of this post.

Here are the rest of the photos:

2016-02-10 14.37.17 2016-02-10 14.37.29 2016-02-10 14.43.21 2016-02-10 14.37.37 2016-02-10 15.33.16
2016-02-10 15.19.23 2016-02-10 14.58.26 (1) 2016-02-10 14.30.42 2016-02-10 15.34.30


Also stopped at Firkin Point, Loch Lomond on the way back from Arrochar.

2016-02-10 15.49.07

Balloch Park

IMG_2974 IMG_2971 IMG_2966 IMG_2962 IMG_2958 IMG_2954




  1. March 5, 2016 / 2:28 pm

    These photos are so gorgeous. I’ve never been to Scotland crazily and am desperate to go this year, it always looks so beautiful no matter what the weather! xx

    • March 13, 2016 / 7:05 pm

      Thank you! Awww doooo it! Are you far away? x

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